Stock Highlights

PT Verena Multi Finance, Tbk (VRNA) conducted its shares registration and public through the Indonesia Stock Exchange offering on June 25, 2008 amounted 460.000.000 shares, with first price Rp100 each from the total shares offered shares which is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Moreover, when the warrants were converted into ordinary shares in 2010, the total shares of PT Verena Multi Finance, Tbk become shares.

On May 2017, VRNA issued Limited Public Offering I through Pre-emptive Rights totaling 1,583,160,556 shares. Until the end of 2017, the total shares of PT Verena Multi Finance, Tbk amounted to 2.585.160.908 shares.

By the fiscal year 2017, VRNA shares are owned by PT Bank Pan Indonesia, Tbk about 57.04%, DEG – Deutsche Investitions-und Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH of 19.99%, PT Verena Kapital of 9.44%, and the remaining 13.03% are owned by the public (shareholding below 5%).

In early January 2017, VRNA’s share price was recorded at Rp144 at its highest point. While at the end of 2017 VRNA stock price corrected and closed at Rp93 per share price.

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